Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Sorry for partyin'

I guess I'm finally smart enough to figure out how to stream audio... so the link above is the audio I tried to post previously.

Anyhoo, I hooked up with the B'ton crew for a New Year's Eve ride. We planned on rolling out at 10, but a few issues had us rolling out closer to 11. All told, I had about 5:15 ride time, with a non-normalized average power of 150W. Pretty chill. It was one of those rides that just couldn't have gotten any better, save for one flat and a broken chain.

Temps in the 40s, sun, great crew, you name it. Plus we ate mexican afterwards. Woot woot!

After that, we went back to their pad to start the NYE festivities. While I was letting the Mexican settle, I found myself rebuilding Ryan's Record hub that had some crunchy noises going on and limited freewheeling capabilities. As his personal mechanic, I felt obligated. Anyway, I kept it reasonable on the booze front, as evidenced by my feeling fine when I woke up.
I haven't had college-party fun since being fresh out of college. I forgot how much fun can be had. Unanimous vote of NYE All Star went to Mike for ghost riding his Little 5 bike and for streaking around the block to get out of pounding another beer.
There was a casualty from the shindig, in my phone. Towards the end of the night, my phone was mistaken for Mike's and got thrown (and dropped) across the room.

If I have to donate a backup phone to the Good Times Gods, so be it!

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