Sunday, January 27, 2008

Columbus Cross

Today was the the 2008 edition of Columbus Cross, the local club race I put on for fun. It's a bit too late in the CX season to have many show up trying to crush it, but it's still fun to do. We run it underground style, where you show up and race for pride. Since it is underground, I try not to get too nutty with the flags, both because I had to install them in frozen ground and I also want to tread lightly in this fairly excercise-averse city of mine - don't need Johnny Law sweating me. I guess I didn't put in enough flags and this lead to a few missed turns and general confusion for the first few laps.
Of the 5 people that raced, I think maybe one has raced CX before. There were two mountain bikes, the rest cross bikes. Gaps were formed early, with the frozen ground issuing out a few dropped chains and generally rough rides from too much tire pressure (reference previous comments on no CX racing experience). In the end, Battin had enough of a gap to bust a cross-up out on a small rise.

Gotta love throwing caution into the wind on your Bontrager XXX Lite carbon tubies!

Alas, a good time was had by all and the course was no worse for the wear. Perhaps with a different date and a bit of promotion I can get a few more to show up. Perhaps I need to get UCI status.
Yeah, that's it!


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