Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Andy:1, Car: 0

I decided to get in a BCD (Butt Crack o' Dawn, that is) ride today to avoid the rain that was sure to come. I rolled out from the crib about 6:40a and spun out to the North side of town. I was rolling with a nice tailwind at about 25 mph then realized the Mustang that I thought saw me, didn't. And I was blasting my Light & Motion Vega at full power! As per Standard Operating Procedure for impending doom, things slowed down. I was thinking of ways to minimize the damage; you know, 'do I aim for the hood or shoot for the other side of the car?' that kind of stuff. All the while, I'm still trying to evasively maneuver to avoid the car altogether. At this point my rear tire was locked up and I was sliding a bit sideways.
All said and done, I was able to use my mui excellente' bike skills to not get really messed up, and avoided bike and body damage altogether. I distinctly recall seeing around 6 inches between my foot and the bumper. Yikes. Thinking back, the car surely realized they screwed up, but I still felt it necessary to drop a few F bombs and other salient words. At least I felt better about it.

On the MTB front, I ordered my new fork for the year, in white, of course:

That's all for now-

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