Sunday, January 13, 2008

I love weights

Which is to say I hate weights. I recognize their benefits but crap I hate working out in the gym. That goes double for the first pains from lifting and testing 1 rep maxes.

I also hate flats, especially when they happen in the last 20 minutes of a ride. I flatted yesterday and in the course of finding the source, decided my awesome Vittoria Pave' tires need to be put to pasture. I picked out 3 pieces of glass out of the casing and found like 3 other cuts in said casing. Eh well, I guess a full year of training on them, something like 3000+ miles isn't too bad, especially since many of those miles were on some less than spectacular road surfaces with lots o' sand and gravel.

Pretty lame, but no pics today.

-the ATM

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