Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Houston, we have a problem

So I booted up my new training tires only to find out that things are tight.
Really tight. As in, the electrical tape holding my speed sensor cable is the difference between contact and not. Methinks a 23c tire is in order.

On to other opportunities for improvement, I think my super sexy-light MTB race hoops are not actually UFOs, which makes sense. Advertised weight of the UFO is 370g and to have both come out to around 340 is impressive yet disconcerting on the production tolerancing front. Ringle' has a new hoop for 08 called the Equalizer 21, which is advertised at 350g - much closer to 340 and I can accept that without concern.
Reason 2 for thinking I got the Equalizer is that using the spokes I bought for the listed ERD of the UFO are up 2-3mm short. The Equalizer has an ERD that is 2mm more than the UFO. I luckily have enough spokes of the correct length for the rear and the wheel builds up fine, spokes exactly where they should be. All that's left is to measure tension then outfit with the trimmings... rim tape, disc, cassette and tire.
Measure tension, you ask? As if you thought my engineering ass would not measure tension.
When it's all said and done, the wheelset will weigh in just at 1430g. Pretty sick!

In other news, I'm all set for my threshhold test tonight. I was reflecting this morning while on the, uh, throne and realized I was approaching this test as a race, thinking of my preparation leading up to it. That's a good thing, and I'm most assuredly motivated. We shall see what sort of mad power I can throw down.

-the ATM

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