Sunday, March 30, 2008

Race report

Chickasaw Trace Classic. Won that shit.

why nobody else threw up their hands is beyond me

I tried in vain to use my race wheels, preride testing with lower and lower pressure to get traction in the corners just wasn't working. Sliding through corners in what turned out to be with 10 psi? No thanks.
So I threw on my mud/training tires and rolled to the start line. I took third into a quick chute before an open field, then jumped into the lead into the single track. This turned out to be critical since I was apparently the only guy to clear a rocky climb shortly after the single track. I figured I'd take it a little easy but still make 'em ride hard to chase.
Ended up whittling it down to me and two others by the end of lap one, at the end of lap two it was me and one other. Over the course of the race I found out my adversary was a track racer and decided I did not want to pull him to the line so he could sprint around me. About 2/3 through the last lap on a muddy run up, I sprinted. He didn't. Enter off road TT mode. Turns out my tire selection was top notch because I was railing every corner. If I wasn't hooking up it could not be done.
Over the last 2-1/2 miles I ended up putting just over 30 seconds into him for the solo across the line. Alas, no pics yet but I'm sure it looked good.
My time ended up being good enough for a top 5 in the Semi Pro/Pro race. Not too shabby for my first race of the year.

The trip home makes 2 for 2 on stopped traffic, this time only about 30 minutes. I ended up getting in about 12:30 last night, so I'm beat and going to go take a quick 20 minute kipper so I can finish out my day.


-the ATM

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