Monday, March 17, 2008

Strong + Light = Stronglight

So my retro Cannondale cranks pretty much gave up the ghost 5 minutes into the maiden voyage last week at camp. The crank fixing bolts kept backing out as the rides progressed. Upon teardown, I could see how worn the Octalink splines were. Oh well, anyone want to buy a barely used 112.5mm XTR bottom bracket? 1 week old...

As luck would have it, I got a hookup on a set of Stronglight Oxale Two cranks. In fact, I got THE last set of Oxale Two cranks in the US. So you can't have 'em.

As the name suggests they are, indeed, light. Since my coach loves these cranks and he's been known to put out a few dubbyas, I'm going to assume they are, uh, strong.

"But Andy," you ask "with cranks as sick as those, what bottom bracket are you going to use?" Well, my friend, I'll tell you...

But those are words for another post.


-the ATM

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