Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Camp report #2: "I'll put my vagina away"

Or so says Dave Strole:

He said that after we suggested he stay with the group rather than turn around. He was glad he did; we hit some great trails shortly after we changed his mind.

Today was a bit easier than yesterday, mostly in preparation for the upcoming epic Cherahola Skyway with around 10000ft of climbing on tap. We got in 3:30h of MTB ride time, but that was including the one mechanical we had on the day:

The unfortunate thing was that a stick shoved Don's rear derailleur into the spokes so bad it took about 30 minutes to get everything back to almost normal, minus the upper and lower 2 gears. That mechanical came back when the chain didn't like things and twisted the cage into spaghetti. Single speed it is!

Along the way we had some sweet views, punctuated by some killer views:

Basically, the trails were in awesome shape with just a little leaf cover and not too many wet sections. We will definitely have to hit it up at least one more time because we didn't get a chance to climb and thus descend a winding fire road. Can't wait.


-the ATM

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