Thursday, March 27, 2008

This week brought to you by...

...No Chain

This whole week has been a string of great rides. It started off on Saturday, when I threw down my best threshold power test ever, so I got that goin' for me... which is nice (name that movie). Did a chill ride on Sunday for a few hours.

I got snowed on. It was pretty rad. Had Monday off. Got in a good flatland ride on Tuesday. Nothing special but felt awesome. Last night, I did some threshold intervals and started out with the ol' gams feeling a little flat but they bounced back right proper towards the end. Everything was capped off by today's ride.
Holy crap, it was awesome. With temps in the mid 50s and a 70% chance of rain, I rolled out. Maybe it was the killer playlist, the light rain or the gently rolling hills I picked as a route, but I could not stop smiling and [quietly] singing along. The rain did not bother me in the least. I even think it enhanced the ride a bit. Call me crazy. Anyway, I ended up with just under 2-1/2 hours of awesomeness.

In other non-riding news, it's nice to be needed. Maybe I have a career in the thankless world of wrenching. Well, maybe just bike washing. I'm just happy to help a brotha out with a huge opportunity in his first dance on the National Stage because we all know, to be PRO you have to have a clean rig, no exceptions. I figured it couldn't hurt so I waxed his bike too, make him extree fast.
I also got my shit totally dialed on the new MTB rig. She's 100% race-ready and looking quite svelte.

Including the portly 300+ gram Ergomo BB and computer, it weighs in at exactly 21 lbs and looks good enough to eat. This is all good timing because my first race of the year is this weekend. Fear me.

The only negative to the whole week is my insanely silly lack of sleep. It's always something, but welcome when a buddy stays at my place whom I've not talked to in probably 6-9 months. It started with a quick free hub swap on his Ksyriums (switching to the goodness known as Campy, no less!), morphed to discussing my race bike, then progressed to general bike stuff.
I'm hitting the sack early tonight, but first a quick wash of the rig then download ride data.

Lastly, as sweet as they are, I really hope pink is not the new white:

Master Chavanel has a seriously white (and big) grill, plus he's rockin' some great form right now. Could a Frog get a Beligian Classic W??


-the ATM

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