Monday, March 10, 2008

Camp report #1

Sunday's drive was super uneventful. The weather conditions at home were quite motivating to get rolling...

I made the drive in just at 6 hours when I expected it to take over 7. I had to do a double take when I was rolling down the road and saw a semi carrying a bit more cargo than expected...

The drive was capped off by a jaunt on the curviest road this side of the Mississippi, Hwy 128. Also known as the Tail of the Dragon. 318 turns in 11 short miles. Sweet.
So we started out today with a nice little 90 minute MTB ride around the camp. It was super chill and a great way to break in the new MTB, which is sweet by the way. A few pics is all I could take, and those were a bit silly, given the terrain.

After that ride we loaded up on some lunch and coffee, then headed out for a 60 mile road ride. Total tally was 64 miles and 5500ft of climbing in just under 4 hours. The out point was the Foothills Parkway which was damned near a perfect steady pitch of around 7% for 6 miles. I was told by coach to drill it on the parkway, so I did. Before we got to the parkway, there was a hella-sweet vista overlooking a dam.

A nice little respite before a 10 minute curvy descent that lead to a few kms of flat. Hang a right and enjoy the climb. As with any out and back (taking the Parkway would have added another 3+ hours to the ride) involving a climb, you pay in to the sweetness bank to have an almost immediate return. After taking a quick pic of the payoff,

we had close to 5 steady minutes of zero cadence at 35 - 40 miles!

Ugh, another monster post and my guys are sweating me to get done, so I'm off.


-the ATM

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