Thursday, March 20, 2008

Rain ride

Since I was prepared, but didn't get, to ride at camp in the rain I felt obligated to give it another go back in the real world. The past few days have offered plenty of opportunity to do said rain ride so I capitalized on that yesterday.
On tap was a basic endurance ride, and I could not bring myself to plunk my bike in the trainer in my cozy garage and throw down 90 minutes. Call me crazy, but all the beautiful riding I did last week reminded me of the good times...
Anyway, I tested out my new rain cape but made the mistake of only going for a medium embrocation and knickers instead of donning leg warmers. Turns out that was the only error in clothing. While the embrocation offered a PRO-like sheen, it did not offer a warm cocoon like leg warmers would have. After the ride, my exposed shins were more red than white. Yikes! A post-ride shower only helped a little in removing the redness. Eh well, lesson learned. No more 40F rain rides without all skin covered.

Also, sorry about the huge photo up top, but that's from MTB Nats last year and wanted to share the sweet spectacle toss caught on film. BTW, it was a muddy race. Give me a few more days of appreication and I'll take it down.

all for now.

-the ATM

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