Monday, March 24, 2008



I had visions of this picture looking a whole lot more like the scene in Pulp Fiction where Jules breaks bad on Brad, quoting scripture and what not. Problem is, my briefcase is aluminum and I don't have a goatee.

Other than that, totally nailed it.

Anyway, my super sweet bottom bracket I mentioned earlier is contained in that case. Since SRM is rather slow in delivering their MTB cranks, I decided to get the Ergomo BB that measures power instead. I'm going to do the install tonight, but playing around with the interface still reeks of German engineering not unlike the SRM. Since my lineage is German, I'm an engineer and I have an SRM on my road bike, I figure I should be able to pick this up pretty easily. One nice thing is that is has a backlight, which is something the SRM lacks. Well, yours does. I bought some LEDs and wired up a few batteries to give my SRM display lighting for the long winter rides I do.
I'll probably post a few pics, but it's just a BB with wires coming out of it. Naturally you'll see my trick/stealth wire runs, but other than that there's not much to see.
For the times I'd rather have a DEEEE-sgusting light bike with no power I'm going to roll a Crank Brothers Ti Cobalt BB at a silly 180g tare.

I really do have a sickness.

-the ATM

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