Saturday, December 1, 2007


I pretty much go from project to project with little relief, and those projects vary in difficulty/length randomly. Sometimes, they're easy, like changing from summer wheels/tires:

to winter wheels/tires:

But sometimes they are a bit more difficult which is pretty much where I'm at with my home improvement project for the winter. Since I spend alot of time on my bikes in the summer, I am smart enough not to start a project on the house. The funny thing is that I still spend a ton of time on the bikes in the winter, but I think it's a nice way to think about other things than just riding bikes. The theory is that this pays into the motivation bank come summer when there is no excuse not to be on a bike.
Anyhoo, my winter project on the house this year started out as a flooring replacement job. Rather than keep using carpet, I wanted the durability and cleanliness of hardwood flooring. A side benefit is that I can do the work myself and save some bux for bike stuff. Funny how that works out... As I was surveying the project, I decided I should paint the walls, too since I could be a little sloppier on the painting without dripping on the floor to worry about. Then while talking to my mom, she pointed out how dismal my ceilings were and I should paint those, as well. Sure, why not?!?
So now I'm about a month into it, and I'm almost done with the drywall prep work. Matching surfaces when installing new sheet rock is no small feat. Since you're pretty much adding around a 16th of an inch of drywall mud at a time, days go by, not hours. If I was a drywall contractor, I'm sure I'd be better but I'll stick to my day job engineering stuff.
and have started pulling carpet. Wow, that shit was nasty and well overdue for replacement. Once I'm done with the not-so-small task of painting about 1000 square feet of ceiling, and way more sf of walls, I'll be ready to throw down the floor:
Yep, that's about 650 sf of floor cued up, ready for placement. Sweet.

As this has become quite a book, I'll finally get around to posting some pics of my sweet (formerly) new CX rig a little later. Stay tuned.

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