Saturday, December 15, 2007

No Pressure

No pressure was the phrase of the day. I accidentally took this entire week off the bike, mainly to get stuff done around the house so I'm not still working on the mother of all projects in February. I did that last year and don't want a repeat. Anyway, I heard a few friends were going to ride at Brown County State Park on the fantasmalactic MTB trails at 10a for the first snow ride of the year. Count me in.
I really had no agenda for the day, other than to have a sweet-FA ride. Mission accomplished. I led into the single track and for the first 30 or so minutes and was digging the trails and being the first one to cut tracks into the fresh snow. Not being one to hog all the fun, I pulled over after a bit to share the wealth. Jeff pulled through and looked to be having just as much fun as I was.
As is often the case, Jeff and I have a bit of a rivalry for who leads from after stopping. I made sure to straight arm him as we started so I could kick up some snow on him with my rear tire. I wasn't quite as smooth as I should have been when I did, tho, since I drilled my knee on my shifter and bent it just enough to not allow multi-gear shifts for the rest of the ride. Oh well, he ate snow and we had a laugh.
Back to pressure, or lack of anyway...I started out just below 30 psi, and was not getting the traction I wanted. I think I let air out about 3 times over the course of the day, and ended up somewhere around 20. Not bad for a fatty like me.
We ended the ride at one of the hippie joints (er, bad word choice... let's try establishment) apres' ride for some coffee, food and conversation. I loaded up on a black bean burger and a pile of hummus, so I took care of the post-ride protein needs soundly.
I don't have a jersey pocket friendly camera, so I left it at home. I did do my customary first-snow-of-the-year donuts and laid down a few sweet ones after I remembered to turn off the damned traction control. A mobile phone pic had to suffice. Homer Simpson would be proud.

Ok, so back to painting.

-the ATM

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