Sunday, December 23, 2007


I made some huge progress over the last couple days, at the expense of a day on the bike in 60 degree, sunny weather. Small price to pay so I don't have to take a day off the bike in Jan or Feb. Anyway, with the help of my buddy Matt, we wrecked shop and got all 560 square feet of the flooring laid down. Small bonus was that I got to return some unused flooring to reduce total expense of the project. We all know what that means... MORE BIKE PARTS!!! We spent a total of about 20 hours each. Time well spent, for sure. Once I get back from the whole fam damily on Wednesday, I'll spend some time putting the quarter round trim down to finish out the project. I may actually get done before Feruary!
So here are a few pics of what's happened so far.
ceiling paint. new paint should be obvious.

Bachelor priorities (TV and satellite hooked up) and the pile of nasty carpet and padding removed:

Start of the floor:

Finished flooring, ready for trim work:

More later, once I get things arranged a bit better and start laying down the trim work.

-the ATM

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