Sunday, December 2, 2007

More Euro cross

So today was another epic cross day. Weather report was fairly promising in that it promised rain.
So let it be written, so let it be done.
The course was reasonable early on during the preride, but I was struggling with tire pressure (damned clinchers). The last attempt was a bit too low, ending up with 20psi front and rear. bottoming out my rim on small sticks was a bad sign.
Anyway, I bumped up the psi before the race and was pretty comfortable with where I ended up. Missed my pedal, dammit. First time of the year and of course it's with a good grid position. There were plenty of corners that were slick, but no really big issues. Definitely several occasions to slide both wheels coming out of a corner. Pretty fun, actually. It started to rain around halfway through and I was having an enjoyable ride. I wasn't making up enough time, though, and ended up a little worse than I wanted but felt good about my ride.
Changing in the rain was not fun. Having about a cup of mud on my chamois was also not fun. Hopefully I'll find some pics on the web soon. Until then, here's a Brookside pic also in the mud, so imagine me in a Ridley skinsuit with about the same mud content.


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