Friday, April 11, 2008

Why I drive a wagon and other niceties...

Why do I drive a wagon?
So that when I'm not hauling ass on my bike, I can haul stuff in my car. The above is most of the parts of my [former] Rush. I'd have to say it was worth the effort to part it out instead of selling it as a complete bike.

It was also recently discovered that I have made an impression on certain good-to-know people...
Look at those beautiful socks in all their high cuff glory. I suppose I'm making a bigger deal of it than it is but it's my blog, and I can brag if I want.
And yeah, I like SRAM.

Tonight was sweet. I got to rewrap my road bike with some new bar tape, and put the old tape on my MTB rig. The Fizik chalk tape is much easier to keep clean than the Deda, and I think gives a better tactile feel with the bike. Plus it's white.
If only we could have 3 days of no rain so that the trails would avail themselves to me, I might actually get to ride my bike offroad.

I'm out.

-the ATM

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