Tuesday, April 8, 2008


So I found myself needing to be in Peoria, IL for work for a few days so I decided to schedule it around a local group ride. Yeah, work revolves around my personal life. That's right.
Anyway, I pulled up the weather and it was a 90% chance of rain. I'm getting used to this riding in the rain thing. It no longer affects me. I swung by the LBS to patronize them as they are both a C'dale and a Specialized dealer, but also to see if the local ride was still on given the rain. Consensus? No ride.
Well, I'm not one to back out so I kitted up and took along my cape. It threatened a bit with a little bit of spitting, but then with around 30 minutes left on the ride, it flat let go. I could barely keep my eyes open from the pelting of the rain. On top of that, the wonderful headwind on the way out turned in to a wonderful headwind on the way back, too. Awesome. I'm convinced there is a universal headwind with my name on it.

The ride itself was pretty good for being in the middle of nowhere. Straight roads for miles and miles. And this is coming from a brotha who normally rides in Central Southern Indiana. Unfortunately, no pics because I didn't want to frag my new camera. So all in all, 38 miles in just over 2:15. Ah, good ride..

-the ATM

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