Thursday, May 8, 2008

Don't ever get old

A few nights ago, I had to laugh out loud as a I walked to my bed. I put 3 therapeutic devices on my bed on which to fall asleep. There were two ice packs on my bed as well as a heating pad. Ice pack # 1 is for my SI joint (spine/hip) since I seem to have inflamed some soft tissue that tends to pinch blood flow to my lower extremities, most noticeably my legs. As I generally like to ride my bike, and legs are pretty much needed to ride said bike, I kinda need blood flow to 'em. So I sleep on an ice pack.
Ice pack #2 is for my on-again, off-again aching back. Any generalized abuse including but not limited to hours spent standing, working in the garage, etc tends to bring a certain level of discomfort. Trips to my chiropractor, plus icing my back helps. So I sleep on an ice pack.
The heating pad is currently in use to help increase blood flow to my shoulder, as I decided to squarely clock a tree this past weekend during the MTB race. As one could infer, I did not perform as I expected, tree notwithstanding. Get it? standing?
Moral of the story is take care of your body, and don't get old.
My race didn't exactly go as well as I had hoped. I got a good start, taking second into the woods, but as it turned out I threw it in reverse from there. I ended up 9th and lap times were about a minute slower each lap - not so good. The pisser of it all was that I lost two spots in the last half mile of the race. I'm not saying I wouldn't have lost those spots otherwise, but I did come up on lap traffic 4 or 5 times where passing was not an option. Such is racing.

Anyway, a benefit to having limited mobility in my shoulder is that it's generally painful to reach behind me, so I get to say "Man, I'd totally buy lunch for you, but I can't reach my wallet. Sorry."
I'd post a pic of my shoulder, but it really doesn't do the damage justice. it looks like a small abrasion, maybe 2 inches in diameter. Promlem is hitting a tree at 15 mph does more impact damage than scraping damage.

In wheel news, as much as it pained me I reverted back to my Ksyriums for crit duty on Sunday since I didn't want to risk damage to my Shamals as they have gone on the auction block. They are hella sweet, but I'm awaiting delivery of the next newest sweetness, and something had to give. Feel free to search eBay for Shamals and buy them. Super awesome wheels with less than 500 miles on them. You won't be disappointed.


-the ATM

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