Friday, May 9, 2008

Happy weekend, indeed!

This weekend was already planned to be quite busy with much to do on my mom's car. We traded cars last weekend so I could do some routine maintenance over a two week period, instead of trying to shove it all in a day's time. I already changed the transmission and final drive fluid earlier in the week, and tonight I had planned on starting some minor engine work to replace some seals in the upper valve train area. Not a hard job, just time consuming. Next week is oil change and a wax job.
So I was working my way through the work day when I started having odd glitches with my computer trying to open up Excel. OK, so a reboot is in order...
...only problem is it kept shutting down during reboot, then start the process over. Ugh. not a good sign. I called the IT help desk and the prognosis was not good. He figured he may be able to have a functioning computer back to me by 5 but no promises. Note I said a functioning computer. He did not say my computer. Basically, the hard drive is dead and all my files with it. We have this fancy backup program that takes 30 minutes to run every week, and slow the computer down in the process but when a hard drive fails it's pretty much worthless. So that is a waste of time. Awesome.
Result? Screw it... I made a few calls then bagged it for the day. Nice, because I can get started on the project earlier than expected. Sucks because all the work I don't do today will be there on Monday.
This weekend was further bolstered with the package that was on my doorstep when I got home...

Ah yes, the shocks that have been on back order for about 5 weeks now.
This is awesome because I've been dealing with the blown original shocks for about 6 months now. First order of business once I get my car back is to tear into the suspension. To say I can't wait is an understatement.

Anyway, I had a good ride last night. Made some good power and didn't have the shit feeling in my legs like I did last weekend. I also figured out that I screwed up the transfer of measurements from MTB to road bike, so my saddle was 5mm farther back than desired. I kinda noticed this on Wednesday, with some shooting knee pain so figured I would revert back to the old position on my road bike since I felt awesome with that setup. Upon baseline measuring, I discovered the error. Sweet baby Jesus, that was troubling. I bumped it forward then set out on my ride last night and felt particularly awesome.
Looking forward to this weekend's lack of travel, plus a few days of chill riding.

ah, the good life.

-the ATM

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