Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sometimes I trick myself into thinking I'm smart

My weekend started a day early so I could spend the day driving from Indiana to New Jersey. I was pretty torn as to whether I would leave at 5a so I could make it in time to pre-ride the course, but the thought of sleeping in overrode any other thoughts. Turns out this was a good thing since I got an email around 11a saying pre-riding was canceled due to 40+ mph winds. Score.
On top of that, I was surprised that I was was not mentally blown after 12 hours in the car heading to the New Jersey rounds of the USGP. It really felt like just another car trip to a race. I suppose this is where the smarts of taking a few races off pays off. The real test, though, is in how I feel tomorrow on the way home when I'll be getting home around 1a, without having showered or had the leisurely afternoon that I had today.
Anyway, race report: The race today was brutal. The worst peanut butter mud in which I think I've had to race. There was even a pan flat section of course that was so loaded with mud that it was faster to run it - that was my least favorite 200 meters of course. I think the announcer, Richard Fries, said it best when he compared it to adobe since the mud had loads of grass in it to keep it all stuck together. I took a bike change half way through the race just so I could shed the seemingly 20 pounds of mud that had accumulated around the cranks and BB. Ugh.
Anyway, I decided not to spectate the woman's or men's pro race so that I could get back to the hotel and begin the deconstruction/reconstruction of both bikes' drivetrains, etc. It only ended up taking around 90 minutes so I was able to get cleaned up, stretched, and head off to a semi- early dinner. This of course laid the ground work for time to lay down this sweet blog post.
So I'm quite content, not nervous for tomorrow. Pretty much gonna take what I can get and leave it all on the course, then pseudo-wash my bikes, repack my car and make like a tree and get out of there.

and with that, I'm out.

-the ATM


adamrodkey said...
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adamrodkey said...'s make like a tree leave, Biff.
But that you made this reference at all is about as funny as a screen door on a battleship.

the ATM said...

Clearly you get my humor. That's what I like about you.