Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Funny stuff

So I've been making the most of my two weekends off from racing; I cleaned out most of my house in Columbus so I can rent it out in the coming weeks (10+ years of shit accumulation takes time to sift through) with only about 2 hours worth of finish work left, worked on Project Bike Rack v3.0, cleaned my car, built a few bikes, slept in and actually did some proper training not otherwise possible with weekend racing.
Of course, now that I'm back racing it's starting to hit full-force - drive to New Jersey for the 3rd round of the USGP, then back to work on Monday, then drive to Peoria, IL on Wednesday, then return on Thursday, then pack and get ready to leave for North Carolina on Friday, then get back to be at work again on Monday.

Last weekend when I wasn't racing I ran into some friends, so we stopped to chew the fat for a bit. Shortly before we parted ways, I saw an ex-girlfriend drive past us. Now I'm not one to wax ecstatic about past relationships but I had to chuckle upon seeing her because she would always want to go out every night, and couldn't understand why I didn't want to drink like a fish night after night. She even equated having a drink to having fun - as in, no drink = no fun. Leave the bar before midnight?? Are you nuts?? I think my favorite was when she asked what I wanted to do that particular night. After I offered up an evening of Low Quality Time (couch, dinner, conversation, etc), she responded with already-purchased comedy club tickets. Great... thanks for asking!
Anyway, this clearly was doomed and we eventually broke up. Her break up platform was based on me wanting to spend more time riding bikes than spending time with her. Now I know I spend a fair bit of time training, but in the grand scheme not that much, and when time spent with her is buying dinner and drinks at $50-$100 per night times 2-3 per week, which would you chose?

Why is all of this funny? Because when I saw her last weekend, I was on my bike.


-the ATM

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