Saturday, November 21, 2009

It's all a blur

The tranquil weekends off between the 3rd and 4th rounds of the USGP were pretty tame, if seemingly a bit too short. This is in stark contrast to the past two weeks. As you may have read in the previous post, I headed out to New Jersey for the 4th round and had some pretty good results; I took 6th on the muddy Saturday and ended up just missing the podium for 4th on the not as muddy Sunday. As I'd hoped, I was able to be on the road within 45 minutes of finishing my race, and ended up getting home at about 12:30.
1400 miles in the bank.
Monday and Tuesday flew by since I had to prep for a semi-planned trip to Peoria on Wednesday, but the trip came and went with little fanfare.
500 miles in the bank.
I got back around 6 - about the same time Ryan got home. It was about 45 and rain, and I was going to get my rain gear on when Ryan brought up the trainer. It didn't take much to convince me that wasn't a bad idea, but I one-upped him with me not riding at all so I could overhaul his hubs since the bearings were not really spinning. at all. Anyway, this worked out well since I knew I still had plenty of other things to do in preparation for this weekend's trip to North Carolina that would more than take the place of riding the trainer for an hour. After getting everything ready to go, I called it a day. Friday found us making great time so we were able to smash a few pre-ride laps before the sun went down. After dinner, we got some interwebbing and TVing done and I was cashed out by 10:30.
Now for the race. Eh, Even though I felt ok, my legs did not respond well to all the travel I've been doing. At least that's what I'm telling myself anyway. The course was refreshingly tacky, with only a few tight corners to speak of, but it had close to a half-mile of pavement and a longish run-up (my favorite!) plus a single track climb with a few hidden roots. It's definitely a course for big legs but as I searched through my travel bag, I apparently forgot to pack them. I fared well in the corners but floundered elsewhere. I rolled in for 16th, fairly disappointed but at least I have another day to make up for it. We shall see.
After this weekend? Another 1000 miles in the bank.

Alright, time for some bike maintenance.

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