Saturday, January 31, 2009

Fat, Dumb and Happy

Figuratively speaking, of course.

I'm finding myself with plenty o' time on the weekends to do things like clean my house, enjoy coffee breaks (lots of those!), sleeping in and the occasional blog post. Even if I've not actually posted much, rest assured I've got lots of good ideas.
Take, for example, today; My big task is to make it to FedEx on time so that I can get my bike shipped off to Arizona for a few days of working on my badges of honor, er, tan lines.(Please note I'm not wearing an arm warmer to match the kit... that's the previous day's ride tan)
Two downsides to this trip are that I have to work for four days out of a week long trip, and once I've gotten used to 75 degree weather I have to come back to 20 degree weather. On the plus side, I've got two days to just ride my bike. I do have a few tasks to do for my buddy who is hosting me - a few small garage projects, nothing fancy. As he pays my mythical salary as CSO of DUM (that's Chief Sanitation Officer for Double Up Motorsports), I am more than happy to oblige.
In my own private cycling news, I got the new fork for my MTB and the build-up is slowly coming along. I'm in a bit of a holding pattern since the cranks I have slotted for my MTB are currently posted up on my CX bike while my road bike is boxed up for the AZ trip. Once that gets back, the full on build will finish and I can sleep well once again. That may also play well with the weather so that when the bike is complete I can throw a leg over ye olde rig and get in a sweet MTB ride, which has not happened since November 16th. This is too long.

Anyway, I'm off.


-the ATM

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