Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I asked for and got the Red Zinger/Coors Classic highlight video for christmas. I was pretty excited because I figured it would be a great way to see racing from yesteryear. It's a 3 disc set with 8 hours worth of footage, so I figured it would be really good trainer fodder.
It's pretty good, but unfortunately footage was not plentiful so the first several years (maybe 1977 - 1982) were struggling to get 10 and 12 minute segments. Then came 1983, a time when broadcasting companies got a new toy in the form of overlaid graphics and titles, plus noticeably better recording equipment (or they coughed up more cash). Plus, this is 1983 we're talking about when popular music also found a new toy in synthesizers. As with everything else, more is better so they overdubbed some really classic early 80s tunes with heavy synthesizers.
Now you may laugh when I say classic in the context of good songs from the 80s, but unless you were born in the mid/late 80s I guarantee you have some songs from the 80s that you have on your iPod, whether you admit it or not. And you listen to them. The Outfield, Softcell, Erasure, Journey, Toto, all of them. But I digress.
I couldn't find any videos from 83, so 1986 will have to do:

Then during one of the climbing stages up the Rockies, where a Colombian mountain goat is drilling it in his 42x18 A crazy familiar [classic] over-synthed tune comes on:

(Asia - Only Time Will Tell, by the way)
Forgive the video... the music video business was in a time that was as awkward as a 13 year old with braces and pimples at the school dance.

One of the more surprising things I saw was a young, pre-whatever the hell genre music he does John Tesh rocking a blue CBS Sports blazer asking the tough questions. I'm very proud to know that I didn't know John's career highlights included sportscaster.

Anyway, it's a cool video and neat to see from whence modern cycling came. From playing billiards between stages to unabashed, non-polished quotes afterwards. No media coaching going on there! Make sure you put it on your list o' vids to get.


-the ATM


googlesux said...

Don't be dissing the classic, baby! I got this as a gift few years back when I had spread the illusion that I might actually ride a good stuff! Pair this with American Flyers and some Coors Original Banquet Beer and you have yourself a great evening!

the ATM said...

hmmm, not dissing. I think it's a great video with way more exposure to the athletes (interviews and whatnot) than most anything out there. I wasn't even dissing the music (well, maybe John Tesh) so much as the dated production to over-dramatize it.
Watching them in order, you can see how much the event grew... starting in San Francisco or Hawaii?? That's Le Tour-like. Getting the skinny straight from Lemond in the height of the Lemond/Hinault days was pretty sweet!