Thursday, December 11, 2008

Two for two

For those keeping score, that's two 2nd places in two National Championships - sort of. I guess the 2/3 CX Nats isn't really a jersey paying race so it's not really a National Championship, but it was marketed under the guise of National Championship so it's close enough.
I waited too long to register so I ended up getting the #88 grid spot. With no-shows taken out I counted an 8th row start. Luckily enough people were asleep at the wheel at the whistle and I quickly shot up to maybe 30th by the first corner. At the highest elevation on the course roughly a third of the way through the lap I muscled into 4th then moved into 2nd by the 3rd lap. I apparently dug too deep to get there because I just couldn't close it. Well, that and I'm fighting off a cold.
So there it is. Two Nats races and two 2nd places. Perhaps I'll make it 3 for 3 on Sat in the old man's race, starting from 140th place. That should be fun.


-the ATM


john g. said...

Mexler -- Congrats! A great way to finish off your season. You had a solid season.

Dave said...

nice race brah!

i don't know how Jensen gets to race the B race? He robbed you as did Donahue (also pro road, i think) coming out for the expert nats...

what doesn't kill you...

the ATM said...

eh, I'm not really too worked up about it. I suppose if there was a jersey on the line it could be different, but he was registered for the race and I'd like to think they put some effort into screening. I believe that was the only race he could race, perhaps because of his nationality (not US, I think).
In any event, thanks for the positive thoughts - definitely getting stronger from it!

Cross categories are pretty screwed up - The top 5 women in the Masters Women 30+ race were also near the top 5 of the Pro women race for much of it. Now THAT is robbery of the next gals in line.