Friday, December 12, 2008

Pics from round one

Zach was kind enough to snap a few pics from the race so I figured I'd post a few, since several of my last posts have been pic-less:

The first several painful run-ups:Sherer's probably online now looking for the neon pit coveralls

The frozen ground offered way more grip than mud:
Amazing how much a 32 spoke 3 cross rim rides like butter:

So we're sitting here in the hotel room, watching the first season of Californication, getting ready to head out directly after the races tomorrow. I'm in weird state of mind now, in that I want to do well and will give it my all, but I have no expectations for results since I'll be literally 12 numbers from the back of the grid of 152 dudes. Maybe I'll pretend I'm at the back of a MTB World Cup race where there are 250 guys toeing the proverbial line.

Anyway, all for now. Later.

-the ATM

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