Saturday, December 6, 2008

the magic of silence

It's been a really long year, and I'm starting to have to scrape the bottom of the barrel to pull strong rides together. Mentally, I'm good but it's still hard when my legs aren't putting up numbers I could do in the summer. I'm in somewhat uncharted territory since I've never done as many races in previous years as I did this year.
All of this adds up to what I would have thought would make me not want to ride my bike. Alas, even when it's 20 degrees out I can still take motivation from certain things surrounding me: the rhythmic whoosh of tires on the pavement, the silence of a country road interrupted only by the faint mechanical whir of a properly tuned drivetrain and, when I look behind me - my tire tracks in fresh snow:

Yep, I love to ride my bike.

-the ATM


Davey B said...

Today is day 1 of rest for me. I'm going to try to go cold turkey for at least 2 weeks and then maybe a light spin/commute every now and then.

Jan 1- on like donkey kong.

I felt like I raced a lot too, but only ended up with 27 or so. I guess thats a lot when you only have 52 weeks in a year and your CX series doesn't double up.

Happy training.
Davey B

the ATM said...

No Nats?!? I'm going to enjoy my last row call-ups for both my races.

09 should be a good year. Lots o races and lots o riding!