Sunday, September 23, 2007

All smiles

Well, my legs felt pretty good when I woke up. Not great, but good. Having a 3pm start time was pretty nice. No big hurry in any way. Hell, even when I flatted on the pre-ride I just walked back to my car and changed the tube.
Anyway, I got to the grid about 2 minutes too late and ended up pretty much DFL. Awesome. Mental note: Get there faster. Anyway, I gassed it at the gun and picked up quite a few spots, but didn't force anything. I figured everything was about right when halfway through the second lap I wanted to quit. To add to this, I tried just a little too much on an off camber corner and lost my front wheel, going down in the process. Naturally, I lost about 6 positions in the 4 seconds I was down and back up.
About 5 minutes later I was feeling good so I started pushing it a little more. Started picking guys off slowly. Then about 50 minutes into the race, I all of a sudden heard a noise. Turns out it was JP and his buddy from Switzerland. Holy crap they were flying. I guess that's what getting paid to ride you bike can do for you. About a quarter of a lap later, I saw a few friends that were watching from the sidelines. They told me I had a huge smile on my face as I was uttering the words "Yeah, I just got lapped by Jonathan Page!"

Back to it. As the race was wearing down, I was reeling some guy in, but every time I'd get within 10 seconds of him, my chain would fall off. I need to fire my mechanic. Alas, 37th out of about 80 starters is not too bad for my first Elite race. Not great either. More to come.


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