Wednesday, June 18, 2008

She is sweet, no?

My MTB rig developed a creak that I thought was related to the aging pedal spindles that have done their job for the last two years. Frequent greasings did nothing to quell the creak. The last time I was reinstalling the pedals I noticed a thin line around the bottom bracket shell that would not rub off. Yikes... the BB shell had delaminated from the carbon.
Since it happened, I've struggled with mentioning it because the bike flat out rocked and I'm in no way wary of a Specialized bike... making a light bike requires pushing the envelope and this is not the first carbon bike to have a delamination. I know one guy who's on his third frame for the same problem. I don't want to mention the brand but it rhymes with Trek.
Anyhoo, hopes of sliding under the radar were dashed on the rocks below when I got the new frame:
Um, yeah, so they didn't have the Stumpjumper HT Comp in stock so they bumped me up to the S-Works HT. By the way, it's red. Flo Red to be exact. It's dead sexy. Have I mentioned red is my favorite bike color behind white?
Props to Don for swaying me to white bottle cages from the bunk black ones I had. Once I recover a bit from some other purchases, a white saddle is in the cards. Perhaps for Nats because kicking people's ass is all the better when you look good doing it.

short-ish post.


-the ATM

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