Monday, February 11, 2008

Back on the wagon

I wasn't really geeked up about this week since I had to be in West Virgina for work in the middle of a coal mine. The weather is supposed to be around 20-25F with wintry mix and snow thrown in for good measure. This would not be bad except I'll be pretty much standing outside for about 10 of the 12 hours per day on the cold dirt/stone. Eh well, skills to pay the bills I guess.
Things looked to be picking up when I went to pick up my rental car and they gave me a Volvo S60 with the 2.5L turbo. Score! Way better than the previous various Kias and Pontiacs I've had to drive. I shuffled my feet and felt something that turned out to be a case of CDs, so my day picked up even more... at least until I opened the case. It was a who's who of crap I would never EVER listen to. I guess that'll help with my conscious when I return it. At least the weather for the 5 hour drive was OK. There was also a little bonus in the arm rest in an aux input jack (god bless my iPod!). I guess pretty common these days, but a life saver so as not to have 5 hours of searching for a radio station that was no bucolic in programming.
After meeting up with my engineering counterparts for dinner, I came back and posted up in my room. Pretty sweet digs. Wide open room, 40-ish" phat panel, mini-fridge and a good interweb connection. Plus the bed is damned comfortable.

It's easy to get back on the wagon when you can pack a car full of whatever you want and drive to there

For my viewing pleasure...

...when on the trainer

comfy bed

So I've kinda got a nice setup except I have to work. 6a is going to come around pretty early tomorrow so I'll sign off for now.

-the ATM

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