Sunday, June 26, 2011

Enjoy the Silence

What started out as a brief hiatus turned into full-blown blog writer's block. Try as a I did I couldn't get a creative idea substantial enough to be a post to pop in to my noggin. I suppose one could "blame" Twitter, what with it's 140 character forced brevity, but realistically I just was at a loss. The way I look at it Twitter is a Tourette's-like media that in rare instances can be not humorous, and blogs allow for a more long form narrative.
While I don't have the desire, nor you likely the time, for a full blown run down of the goings-on of the last year, I'll try to hit the highlights:
I 'got lost' and got lost on some decent Arizona single track:
Photo cred: me
Pressed for time I zigged when I should have zagged and ended up on the wrong side of the canyon with no daylight and a foggy-at-best memory of where I wanted to be. Given there was no cell coverage (and thus no Google Maps on my phone) I forged ahead where I thought I should go and survived. It was fun.

I raced my MTB:
Photo cred: Jeffrey Jakucyk
I won a few races, didn't win a few races, won the Short Track title in Indiana for the 3rd time in a row, had an all around solid MTB year.

I raced my CX bike:
Photo cred: mountaingoat_99 (flickr)
 A semi-nationwide tour saw me in Cincinnati, Louisville, Madison, Chicago, Portland and Bend. Had a really good season for the smaller races but sucked hind tit in the USGPs. That blew.

I put on a CX race: Along with Ryan and Don, I put on BloomingCross 2010. Thanks in no small part to Barry Wicks from Kona Factory Racing, we had about 30% more people attend this year's race. I have to say he is quite simply one of the coolest cats out there. At the USGP following my race, he almost rolled past me when I was warming up but stopped and talked to me for a solid 5 minutes. He easily could have just said "hey" but no, not the coolest cat out there! 

I sold my house: I finally sold my house in Columbus which could not have happened any later - you see, after looking at about 15 - 20 less than 'ideal' houses over several weeks I found myself bumping up against current rental house lease expiration. Alas, I found a great house that suits my needs and have signed agreements in place. All that's left is an inspection and signing my life away for the next 30 years. For what it's worth, by 'suits my needs' I mean 'has a 40 foot deep garage'.

With any luck I've got more words percolating in my noodle, so I hope you got to Enjoy the Silence while it lasted.

wait, I mean I hope you were waiting with baited breath while this block passed.

anyway, later.

-the Mexler

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I like your blogs ATM . Hope to see more... Mrs. H.