Saturday, May 9, 2009

Do work, son!

I have been universally getting my ass kicked in pretty much every facet of my life as late. I recently decided that my brain is generally vibrating, just enough to be uncomfortable. My normal day-to-day work of supporting a mining haul truck manufacturer has been somewhat oddly extremely busy. This is more realated to process improvements and new hardware development but the simple fact is there's plenty of work to be done. As part of some recent corporate restructuring, I've also had to pick up some smaller (well, 30 liter is smaller compared to the 60 and 78 liters I deal with for OEM support. Your car probably has around 3 liters of engine displacement, for reference) global mechanical engine support, which means any question anyone has anywhere in the world comes to me. "You see, I have people skills. I work with the GD customer!" (Office Space, BTW). So ramping up that knowledge base has been a semi-time consuming pain. On top of that, I've been burning the midnight oil with garage projects such as the s-l-o-w-l-y progressing wheel refinish project, which has been temporarily suspended so that I can finish a woodworking project:
Naturally, I've been training my keister off and pulled out an MTB TT win along with a 5th place in the season opener Indiana MTB race series, against some baller regional PROs... which is OK given my level of accumulating fatigue from burning said midnight oil.
This is in support of the biggest source of my lack of posting of late. You see, I went in with my friend and all around good guy Don to buy a bike shop. So for the last 6 months or so, we've been doing alot of research, writing of proposals, texting and talking to get things ironed out. As of Monday, though, all the ducks have been placed in a row and we are open for bidniss, which is to say the industry. One of the cooler things that every cyclist should appreciate is the commercial espresso machine:
Soooo, if you find yourself in need of a bike or bike accessories, a tune up from PRO mechanic Zach, or just want a great shot of espresso or cup of coffee, feel free to stop by Revolution Bike and Bean in Bloomington.
Unfortunately, we couldn't do pre-development of the new website so the current one will have to do for the time being. Sorry.

Anyway, hopefully I still have a few readers since it's been about 6 weeks since my last post, which has been wearing on me. I feel better now.


-the ATM

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Davey B said...

Ryan Pirtle is damn fast, nice job this weekend!