Sunday, November 11, 2007

Cyclocross, Euro style

I suppose it didn't really rain because I washed my car this am, but that's about my luck. No matter, it was pretty dirty and needed cleaned regardless. Enjoying a thick cup of coffee and washing my car was a great way to start of my Sunday. It would have been better if I could listen to the Hangover Cafe' but suck Clear Channel axed it some time ago.
Anyway, back to the rain. On the way up to Indy for the race it rained cats and dogs. Excellent prep weather for a good 'cross race. AT the start some d-bag was late to the line and held everybody up while he took off his tights. Then of course said d-bag drilled my bars at the start and shot me into the guy next to me. Awesome. I stayed on the bike and sprinted like mad and got into about 10th or so. Pretty much the entire course was a soupy mess so it was slow going. I ended up 9th, not quite able to close on the guy in front of me.
Overall a good day, results are ticking up a few at time. Maybe by the time Nats comes around and more CX-appropriate weather starts to show (where I accel) I'll have a podium or a victory salute.
Oh, and I broke the axle on my Ksyrium at some point in the last month. That's because I make mad power.

-I'm out

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